26 January 2006 @ 04:46 pm
Oh. That's Nice. Can I Collapse Now?  
I am so frackin' tired.

I don't know what it is about being at college that does it to me, but it do seem to, and do it constantly at that. I want to go upstairs and go to bed. Where I will proceed to die (and repeatedly) beneath one continental quilt, one heavy wool blanket and approximately half a metric tonne of stuffed pandas. Though hopefully I'll do it rather less comprehensively than I did yesterday, when I got in from college, decided to take a nap, and ended up sleeping pretty much right through till breakfast time.

Anyway. There is a purpose to this post and it's not just to complain about sleeping arrangements (could be better), sleep in general (I still need more of it), and what it's like to be buried under half a metric tonne of stuffed pandas (fuzzly). Honest. It is, in fact, something very different.


More precisely, it's about That One Exam I Sat Just Before Christmas.

Just the one exam, thank God, but the timing was a study in wrongosity coming as it did just after The ITU Placement Of Terror, Panic And Gerbils - the combined forces of which numbed my brain and left me utterly devoid of any inspiration to actually do any actual work for the best part of a month and a half. That exam. The one I'd convinced myself I was going to fail long before I sat it. The one I sat in sure I was writing nonsense and would fail. And the one I couldn't imagine, after I'd sat it, I could have done anything aside from fail. Miserably.

Unfortunately for my precognitive powers, there seems to have been a bit of a cock-up because actually I've passed it. This is apparently how it happened.

Short Answer Questions: 61%
Law and Ethics: 45%
Final Result By The Power of Math: 53%

And since my university has decided that any mark of 40% or above is a pass and actual numbers are academic to diploma students, this means that I won't be redoing this paper in whenever-the-hell-the-resits-for-this-thing-are after all. Which is apparently June. Which seems to be cutting it a bit fine given that we're supposed to be qualifying in about two months' time. And since I passed this hideous paper first time, qualification is beginning to look like something I might reasonably expect to do.

To say I'm feeling a little relieved about this is an understatement, given the amount of revision I didn't manage to do because I was too busy fangirling over Ken Hidaka, whom I adore.

It's ten past five and I'm tired. Which is pathetic. And I really don't care.
Current Mood: relieved
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