09 August 2010 @ 11:42 am
But it's a nice rock, honest!  
So. After many many years of telling myself that I'd watch Vision of Escaflowne someday it was successfully brought to my attention that Van Fanel is basically a fifteen-year-old Ken Hidaka with wings and a transforming mecha dragon... thing worse luck, if that were possible, and a tendency to critfail at the worst possible moments. Oh, and a blonde Shin'chiro Miki older friend/annoyance/thing.

The end result is I am fifteen episodes into the show.

I would be sixteen episodes in, but I watched Episode 14 (better known as Tomokazu Seki Screaming Theater) twice. Shut up, it's good.

Part of me wants to babble about it. Another part of me is all DUDE THIS ANIME IS OLD ENOUGH TO GO INTO PUBLIC BARS ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. A still further part is aware that I can't possibly go on about all of it because... well, I love it all. Especially Van. And Allen. (And Van and Allen. OH COME ON. I'm a fangirl, I'm allowed. I tried telling them to stop making me ship them but they didn't listen. Also, OT3s solve everything.)

What is it about me and discovering anime years after everyone else lost interest? Sheesh, give me another ten years and I'll probably be ranting about... I don't know, that thing with Ciel whatshisface in? (Yeah, I don't even know what it's called. Finger on the pulse, that's me.) Something like that. Unless of course I keep on working backward and I'm actually too busy going on about how awesome Kimagure Orange Road is. Better late than never, though, and why did nobody tell me how awesome this was ten years ago? Okay, so Louis mentioned it in passing (and well and truly spoilered me about Dilandu, that bastard), but why did nobody tell me that I had to watch it? I could have done with developing some actual taste instead of fixating over Zetsuai Bronze.

So yeah. I didn't get a lot of writing done today and probably won't get anything done tomorrow until I've finished watching the remaining ho-hum episodes and can stop fixating quite so horribly over how unbearably cool my latest mid-nineties anime is.

Next up I'm probably going to see if I can find an Escaflowne Sue. Then eviscerate it whils shrieking loudly at the top of my virtual lungs.

I never claimed to be a difficult person to amuse.
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