21 October 2007 @ 11:15 pm
Taking Things Personally  
Once again, it's the fault of the Kink Meme.

First things first: though some of the prompts have been insane and some of the responses have been brain-breaking, there've been a couple of pretty good fanfics written as a result of it. I wrote something, too, and I'm pretty proud of it and am planning to continue it once I've finished dealing with my second prompt - I'd be working on that tonight if it wasn't for the fact that tomorrow is a nerve-wracking prospect and I lack the ability to concentrate - but that's neither here or there.

My own personal favorites have both been extremely well-written, and both been Youji x Ken fics.This isn't just fangirl favoritism speaking; these fics would be good if they'd been written for any pairing. It's merely good luck from my point of view that they were both written for my OTP.

Under Glass is definitely my favorite out of the two, but that's at least partly because it's Kapitel era and I think Youji is a lot prettier in Kapitel...

Anyway. I mention this largely as my complaint today (you knew I had one, right?) arises from a comment some random mousie left as feedback for Blowing Off Steam. If this had been anywhere other than an anon meme I would have jumped on it, but previous attempts to actually converse about anything even vaguely controversial have been squished there, so I doubt it would go down too well. End result: hello there LJ textarea my good friend, CAN I BITCH TO YOU?

The comment in question?

Usually I don't like YohjixKen, because the latter acts like a goddamn sissy, but damn, here - pissed Ken yummy.

I only wish I knew what version of Weiss Kreuz she'd been watching, because clearly it's not the one I saw where Ken Hidaka Has Anger Management Issues. Or even what fanfic she's been reading, because it's clearly not the stuff I read. Well, not the stuff I read for fun, anyway.

Maybe she found that awful 'Ken pretends to be a girl and Youji falls in love with him' crossdressing fic I sporked a while back. That might explain it.

Still. Annoyed Youji x Ken fanficcer is annoyed.

Unjustly annoyed at that. Wow.

I know this probably doesn't have anything to do with me, but my kneejerk reaction was to take offense. I know full well that I don't make Ken goddamn sissy when I write fic, but all the same I saw it and worried. What am I doing wrong? When did I make Ken sissy? Did she - well, she probably hasn't been reading my fic since I am such an unapologetic YoKen fanfic whore and she doesn't like YoKen. Okay, panic over.

(Well, hopefully, anyway. She didn't name names but since there are only about three people in the fandom who actively write Youji x Ken, the concern was there.)

I know, I know that this mousie here didn't say anything about her own pairing preferences. I still caught myself wondering why single out Youji x Ken (even though she 'singled out' Youji x Ken because that was all that was relevant) when Ken, in Youji x Ken fanfic, doesn't suffer anywhere near the same level of character-rape he routinely comes into over more popular pairings. Yes, I am talking about RanKen fic, and some day I will write that rant I have brewing about RanKen fanfic.

In short, my initial reactions were all totally unjustifiable and equally unfair - but I still had them, and they still left me annoyed enough to want to say something. They still left me wishing I wasn't stuck on an anonymous kink meme so that I could defend my choice of Weiss Kreuz slash pairing and the way I chose to write it, and possibly push the mousie in question in the general direction of Youji x Ken fanfiction which doesn't suck.

But I didn't. The model of restraint, I merely came to rant in my journal.
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