15 May 2007 @ 11:34 pm
I'd Rather Be Playing Terranigma.  
Today has seen me manage to write about two lines of my fic, and I'm not terribly happy with them.

This is very strange, as I am very much in the mood to write boysmut. I just seem to be having the usual problems convincing myself that I can actually write it. Here's hoping that [ profile] cards_slash shows up tonight, so I can discuss where to go from here (Ken is kinda-sorta against the table; I still need to get him up there and also get his pants off, and Youji's pants off, and where the Hell is the lube?) and how, exactly, I should go about encouraging my boys to get there. Five pages and still on the foreplay, God damn...

I have, on the other hand, managed to make my way through all five towers without too much difficulty and resurrect the five continents (and two kinda-sorta-hidden continents), which means I've saved the people in Crysta.

Not that this does me any good as I'm now stuck on the Earth, which at present has no plants or animals or people on it and you can guess whose joyful responsibility it is to make sure all those show up again, with no way to get back home until I've - well, completed the game.

Though it appears to be taking me twice as long to get everything done this time round, at least I know I'm leveling up properly this time, and have a decent amount of money. Blame completionism - but if you've got to level up anywhere, the five towers aren't exactly the most demanding of places to have to do it. I'm guessing that Level 10 was clearly way too low for the Dark Twins, which would go some way to explaining why I found killing them such a pain in the proverbial last time.

Also, I really want the soundtrack, but I don't even know where to look for it...

Ah, [ profile] cards_slash has shown up now, so I'm going to shut up talking about RPGs which are awesome and start talking fic (on MSN messenger, not here). Next update on my progress re: saving the world will no doubt come when I hit Grecliff and utterly fail to kill the Dark Twins again, because I keep falling off the edge of the stupid platform.
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