19 November 2009 @ 01:01 pm
No Place Like London  
Well, I did say as I'd be posting some of the old-building pictures I'd taken on my trips into the center of town next time I wanted to do a photodump, so here they all are tonight. If you happen to find old buildings boring, you don't know what you're missing and clearly I am a horrible geek when it comes to this stuff, but at least 'I'm interested in Victorian London' is the kind of geekery I can own up to in mixed company and not look totally ridiculous for it. Hell, it almost looks scholarly if I leave off the mad scientists.

It's kind of weird as the last time I formally studied the Victorians I was eight and doing the obligatory 'Victorian England' module in primary school, but the more I find out about Victorian London the more I find I want to know. Damn you, accuracy!

So, yeah. Photographs. These were taken on, I believe, three separate occasions over the summer, which just goes to show how very dilatory I have been about uploading them. Once was after dark - I don't have a lot of shots from that because I CAN'T SEE AND NOR CAN MY CAMERA WTF, and the ones I do have are kind of touristy, but I'm including them anyway because of the small fact that they've come out looking nice and I don't seem to have them up already. Odd, that. So, here they are as well just to provide a counterpoint to all the daytime shots of bits of London the average tourist never bothers with because unless you're a freak for old architecture like me they're a bit off the beaten track and not terribly interesting when you get there. I think Pall Mall is fascinating and awesome, but I wouldn't expect the people who came to see the adverts at Piccadilly Circus to agree with me.

There's a hole in the world like a great black pit... )

Cards on the table time: some of these, like the picture of Camden Locks, were taken by [ profile] rokesmith, as I didn't yet have my digital camera. They're the more washed-out looking ones amongst the bunch, as his phone camera isn't quite as good at compensating for light levels as my little point-and-click Kodak is. It may not always be the best of cameras, but it's certainly determined to make life simple for me, for which I thank it.

As for further expeditions into darkest Central London - I really need to go back to Seven Dials with my own camera - I guess it'll have to wait until there's slightly more daylight about (wtf November, seriously!), but I must say I'm still hopeful at getting a few more trips in. There's nothing quite like seeing a place with your own eyes, even if you do have what feels like nine thousand reference books on London a la Victoriane to be getting along with, some of which even have very shiny pictures. It gives a girl a better sense of scale, for a start.

Maybe I should ask for London in Old Maps for Christmas. I believe my father has a copy of that and I COVET IT.
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12 November 2009 @ 07:11 pm
Still here, apparently.  
So what I did, see, was get [ profile] rokesmith to come round with his laptop and test to see if he could get a connection up here, as I know there's nothing the matter with his Internet connection. So he did that and we sat around ignoring one another and comparing page loading times for a while and came to the conclusion that yes, he was getting a far better wireless connection than I was, which by a process of simple elimination therefore meant that my wireless adapter was on its last legs and it was time I sprung for a new one.

So I did that. It wasn't quite as expensive as I feared it was going to be, and there's no doubt that I need the damn thing being as I am a sad Internet junkie. Also, job hunting. I do all that online, so... yeah. I rather need my Internets. It keeps me sated.

As a result it seems that now the problem has been somewhat solved - though it wasn't without its worrying moments, most of which were connected to my being a dumbass, screwing stuff up then wigging out about it. Self-sabotage, thy name is laila.

All of which brings me round to a much more important point: I, once again, have absolutely no idea how my boyfriend manages to put up with me, being as I am a flake, an idiot, prone to ridiculous attacks of near-hysteria over not very much and generally just not very good at this whole being-a-girlfriend thing. (Is anyone, though? I suppose we all have to learn this stuff as we go along.) All I know is that I remain eternally grateful that, for whatever reason, he does. All too often I think that I'm really not the person someone as great as he is deserves to be with, and I just don't understand why he counts himself so lucky we're together. I'm not that good a person and I'm not that good a girlfriend. I want to be, though. I love him.

Anyway, to stop this getting needlessly navel-gazing and melodramatic, as it really shouldn't be and I'm way too old to be acting like a fifteen year old:

Sometimes we can be cute. I've been promising myself that I'd post this picture to LJ for days, but between one thing and another I never got round to it, so: this would be [ profile] rokesmith and me preparing to eat (something we do very well). Richard took this picture of us at his Halloween party. I have been wanting to post it because I do, and I feel like now is about as good a time as any.
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14 September 2009 @ 09:15 pm
Evening Well Spent  
I didn't think I'd be doing the whole 'image dump of sunsets' thing again so soon, but... well, then this evening happened and I felt I just had to share the end results of leaning out the window in a bathrobe cursing the day I decided that I liked taking photographs on the evening it occurred. I changed out of the bathrobe as soon as was humanly possible, but... yeah. It happened. I am not proud, but all art is a hard taskmistress, even if it is only art in that the end result is a vaguely pretty picture of some clouds.

The deal? It was just that pretty out there this evening. Not something I was expecting, given that from my point of view it was mostly clusters of dull gray clouds and a vague hint of watery pastel sky behind them. My little Kodak begged to differ.

So, today's set of photos were all... well, taken today, over the course of about an hour or so this evening just after I finished washing yuck out of my hair and rereading the opening chapters of The Little Sister in the tub, having finally finished that biography of Marie Antoinette and wanting to read something a little less heavy before turning my attention to the stack of stuff I've got to read to stop The Book from screaming at me for being woefully historically inaccurate and/or knowing nothing about Finn Mac Cumhail that I didn't get from Finn McCool and the Small Men of Deeds (recommended reading age: 7-10 years, if that). It's a really good thing I like social and political history given how much of it I'm going to have to down before I can even make a start on the largely pointless (if amusing) getting-to-know-you short stories I want to write just to get a feel for my characters and the world that they live in, but I digress - and digress quite wildly at that.

To drag myself forcefully back on topic, I was originally just going to take a couple of pictures and leave it at that, but there was just something about the fruits of this evening's point-and-click labors that demanded far more attention than that...

The weird thing is that to the naked eye the sunset was nowhere near that interesting-looking this evening in terms of color - there was just a lot of gray and some very dull sky behind it. My camera lies, but lies so very prettily I don't actually care that much.

And finally, here are a couple of other pictures of sunsets what I took a little earlier and which are totally unrelated, but I feel should be up here anyway to save me forgetting about them. Since I'm here and I'm doing the whole ooh-look-at-the-pretty-clouds-and-colors thing again, I figure they might as well be here too - albeit, in an unusual display of restraint on my part, tucked away behind a cut, though this is mainly because they mess up the whole look what the sky did this evening theme I have going on. Again, I believe there is some kind of vague chronology going on here as these were the order they were saved on my camera, so that pretty much must mean that's the order I took them in.

But I still like them. )

What a filler!

Now watch me make a habit of posting random photographs of pretty shiny things simply because it allows me to make cheap and dirty updates. Sorry, I should have warned you guys I liked photography as well. Next time at least I'll do some of the buildings, I promise.
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10 September 2009 @ 08:34 pm
Lights Go Out  
So, um, I've been taking photographs.

Mostly these are of buildings and mostly they're strictly for my own reference. I keep intending to do a picspam of some of the pictures of buildings I've taken on the offchance that someone out there might be interested, but it'll take quite a lot of rooting around and right now I want to update fast and then try and do some writing. So I'm going to picspam with something else: photograps of the sunset taken from the hallowed location of My Bedroom Window. Sometimes I stand on the fridge to do this, sometimes I lean suicidally out, a lot of the time I just point the camera and pray, but occasionally the results are pretty.

My windows are, I guess, mostly south-facing. They've pretty much got to be given that on yay side of the window I get a sunset every evening and on yay side, if I stick my head out and am up early enough, there's a corresponding sunrise. I don't tend to pay much attention to the sunrises, I admit: maybe it's just observer bias, but they never seem quite as interesting to me.

I do have quite a lot of pictures of south London sunsets, though, which can sometimes be surprisingly pretty.

I think these are in vaguely chronological order, though precisely when over the last couple months each of those pictures was taken I wouldn't care to guess. Except the one at the bottom right which was taken yesterday.

Images are thumbnailed, so if anybody out there really is that interested in getting a better look at what the sun's doing over a set of rather uninteresting back gardens, the option is there. Though, being as I'm still getting to grips with taking photos that don't look like ass, some of them may be better left with all their sins carefully veiled by smallness. The smaller I make my pictures, the better I look at taking them... even if a couple of these do have shameful guest appearances by windowframes and other protuberances which I really should see about editing out but don't trust myself to.

I sometimes wonder if my digital camera resents my pretensions or is just glad I'm not taking shot after shot of gurning blonde drunks.
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26 July 2007 @ 11:13 pm
I miss the sheer length of it, but you can't have everything, and to be entirely honest, the ends were dead and getting a bit ratty-looking. They had to go, and it's a large part of the reason I went to the hairdresser's.

The other part of it was that when I plaited my hair, one of the plaits was noticeably longer than the other.

So, now my hair reaches my mid-back.

It's all an even length now, and it's been properly dyed, and I can wear it down. It's feathered about my face, which makes a real difference. I've missed being able to wear my hair loose without finding it ridiculously inconvenient and having to scrape it all back in sheer frustration. I've had my hair down all day today, and been fine with it.

Also, I have photos. They're not very good photos, and I am not a very good camwhore, but they exist and here they are to prove it.

Here we go again. )

Pictures taken with a webcam: apologies for the crap lighting and image quality.

It looks black; it's actually a very dark brown. I'm not eighteen any more.

For the record, these are my old glasses. The red ones in the last set are the newer ones and I like them better, but I was wearing cool colors today so the older ones suited better. Yes, I'm vain.
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10 May 2007 @ 11:46 pm
Don't Look Now, Having A Camwhore Moment  
Okay, bear with me a second here.

*applies for job as dental receptionist*

For some reason, possibly related to either hopeless vanity or the need to prove that I am actually a human being, not lines of text on a screen or a spambot who knows an inordinate amount about Weiss Kreuz, I have been wanting to get hold of a photograph of myself for the sole purpose of posting it online.

This evening, after paying to check my e-mail in an internet cafe - and I have no idea why I did this when I was about half an freakin' hour from home and I didn't have any new messages anyway - I found myself with about 28 minutes' worth of paid time left and damn-all to do with it. Which was when I decided to see if I could get the webcam this thing had installed as standard on it working and if so, if I could use it to take pictures and not just streaming video of me sitting there like an idiot looking really embarrassed and smiling and blinking a lot.

(Because I'm sure that's just what Youtube needs. Another video of some generic white girl staring into a webcam talking rubbish. Besides, I don't want to know what my voice sounds like outside my head. I know it's teddibly, teddibly English, my deah, so let's leave it at that.)

If anyone out there really wants to know what a [ profile] quietladybirman looks like, this is about as answered as it's gonna get for now.

three more very samey images beneath cut. )

That would be rather like a generic Englishwoman of twenty... something.

Yes, that is all my own hair.

... you know, I think I look like something you might see behind a reception desk, actually. (I need to start wearing my hair down more often, but first I need to get it cut, which means I need a job.) As is probably blatantly obvious, Photoshop was not abused in any way in the making of these images. Honestly, considering I was sat in the middle of a web cafe, I'm just glad the light wasn't totally godawful.

So now you know I exist.
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