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Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
about me
Yet another livejournal by yet another aspiring author.

I am an antiquarian and anime fangirl who lives in London, England, but mostly inside my own head. I have a very uninteresting life, literary pretensions, writer's block, and a tendency to think far too much about far too little. I love cats, books and large bodies of water; my hobbies include sleeping, writing, Ken Hidaka and Ireland; and when I grow up I want to be Uncle Iroh.

I am opinionated. Very. God knows if my opinions are right or not but I don't half go on about them. It's probably not worth reading my journal if you have no interest in a random English left-winger's views on fanfiction and bad fanfiction, her sudden acts of extreme fangirling or - as I am led to believe that there is a world outside the Internet, and occasionally even interact with it - the occasional rant about real life.

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